Artist Bios


Mahalia is a soulful pop singer, and painter from Massachusetts. She began her music career with her vibrant sound, doing street performances of her original songs and popular songs. At age 17, she began selling her paintings through her own online shop- Passion for Pencils. After graduating high school, Mahalia left the east coast for Los Angeles California to pursue music. She is now working with Safe Place for Youth, and other local non-profits to raise awareness about youth homelessness. Click here to shop Mahalia's collection.


Lisa is a 19 year old girl she's a singer songwriter, and artist from Venice, CA. She began writing music when she was 15 and in a rough part of her life, music was one way she got through all the trauma. Then she started to do a lot of art that had meaning to her situation. Lisa said, "Then I found SPY they made me feel so welcome and so worth my life and helped me pursue my dreams in art and music. I'm so grateful for this program and what they have done for me and my career." Click here to shop Lisa's collection.

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