The Color of Hope Collective was inspired and created by 3 youth artists who desired a voice in their community and to sell their art. Now comprised of the youth who participate in Healing Arts Programming at Safe Place for Youth, the collective aims to help empower and build skills for its members.


The goals of this social entrepreneurial venture are to:

  1. Empower and provide each youth artist with a voice and a place in their community to be recognized as an individual with talents and abilities.
  2. Develop Workforce Experience  and provide each youth artist with the opportunity to develop their employable and work experience.
  3. Drive Income Generation and provide each youth artist with the opportunity to generate income that supports them in the short term, learn about money management, and receive support with long-term goal setting; as well as, to support the financial sustainability of the Healing Arts Program.
  4. Initiate a change of mind and provide community members with a pathway for connecting with their unhoused neighbors


The Healing Arts Program at SPY offers youth participants a safe environment for creative expression. Unhoused youth come from a wide variety of traumatic backgrounds, and when given the chance to create art in a supported and judgement-free space, they have the opportunity to heal. Creative self-expression is a core component to an individual's social and mental health, both because of the skills that are learned, and the healing that takes place. Youth who participate in the Healing Arts program at SPY are more likely to pursue other programming, making it a gateway to education and employment opportunities, case management, therapy and supportive services, and permanent housing.


To empower young people experiencing homelessness to thrive by providing lasting, community-driven solutions that address racial and social inequity.

The Color of Hope Collective’s digital platform was created thanks to funding from the Gannett Foundation in 2017. 


Social Enterprise Advisor:
Libby Jacobson, 360 Impact Advisory